How Cool Would It Be?

To be an anime character would just be awesome. From having amazing powers to being just plain cute no matter what you did. in my own anime world i would have different stories and scenary and powers for when i get bored with my regular life. I could have blue hair and no one would care. No one would ask why i was so quiet i would always have anime friends. what a life it would be
Quinn1313 Quinn1313
18-21, F
2 Responses Sep 2, 2012

Oh to dream :) I would prob want to be a FMA character if I had my choice

This is litterally a big reason i decided to ( still working hard at this ><) become a comic artist! Like a Japanese manga-ka its so i could throw myself in my stories but in manga form =3
try it out, you'll probably love it!! Creating stories can be a blast haha