My Reality

Anime is more of a reality to me then anything else has ever been. I relate to it all so well, and have even caught myself acting like one. Anime is not just about the shows, though; it is also about the language and culture, to me. I am currently learning Japanese, as a part of my lust to be an anime character.

I do title myself to have a strange obsession with anime (and wolves). It is something I have pretty much always had. It's just in my blood. It flows throughout my veins. Anime is as much of a reality for me as this "life" is to anyone else. I feel connected and attached with anime.

I want to be an anime character, so I will be. In my own way.
ShinigamiWolfSoul ShinigamiWolfSoul
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3 Responses Dec 6, 2012

Wow, me too. I want to learn japanese and have often felt myself using anime lines. I also find it difficult to go without anime for even as little as 3days. I once tried that and when i started watching again and i went to school the next day i couln't concentrate becaus eof my lust for it. I will never again go for so long with out anime.

Then play a virtual-reality game where you need the whole VR suit (helmet, motion suit, nerve circuits, etc). For instance, when you had the helmet on, you'd see in first person, but everything around you would be like an anime. Of course, you'd need to make your character first, or how else would the mirrors work? The suit allows you to move the character with your body, like the kinect. The nerve circuits on the suit allow you to feel the game as if it was real. You can adjust that though, because you wouldn't want to die in an alternate reality and be dead in the one you came from. You'd still need real food, but you can taste the virtual ones. You wouldn't lag either, and you can keep the game on as long as you'd like. It could take time to adjust to holding objects though, but you could use small cylinder-like controllers to be hilts for certain objects. It would include a vocal translator too, so when you speak to someone in your language, they'd hear your voice in theirs. Sure, it sounds like an impossibility, but it could happen. Most consoles already use a vibration system, and things like the kinect or wii pick up your movements and add them to the game. I've seen tons of arcade helmets like I described, and adding speakers is not a problem. I also have the same wish as you do, so I even started the basic development of this console. If it ever comes true (the virtual reality console), I'd make sure people with our wish would know about it. Then, it would be bliss. I'm kinda scared though, thinking whether or not it should include the giant eye fashion. It creeps me out a little. But it might not be freaky when you actually live it. Anyways.... :L . Bye.

Yup, I can totally relate... Go you!