Lol, My List And Why

(Bleach) Mr. Hat-And-Clogs: Cool guy. Signature look. Epicness all around.

(OHSHC) Haruhi: So much attention from boys....why not? Oh, and attention from girls. I'd love to go to Lobelia! XD

(Naruto, original series) Ino: Your typical blonde chick. Anger issues (I confess) we have in common.

(Black Butler) Grell: Yep. My number 1 anime favorite. Who couldn't fall in love with the laughs that shinigami makes?

(Naruto, Shippuden) Kabuto: Smarter stronger and better than ever. Did I mention he was a crazed psycho? Mus have slipped my mind. Besides, he's a brain!
BloodRedShadow BloodRedShadow
Dec 7, 2012