I Dream About Having Many Black Babies For Childless Black Couples

If my menopause could be reversed; I would love to be bred by many black men & have many black babies. I would need a Black Master to own me; cuz he could breed me or get me many black studs to breed me. I would need hormones shots and/or medicine to reverse my menopause.

I would need a Black Doctor that is a Master also. He could reverse my menopause & breed me or have me bred by his black friends & other black studs. He can also deliver the baby & if he wants he can charge the adoptive parents the delivery fee.

I would also love to have my master **** me while in labor & tell me what a c*m s**t I am & I deserve the pain of childbirth. I am good for one thing only & that is too **** & have black babies cuz I am a c*m **** *****.

I know this dream will never happen, but I can still dream it.
Figment1900 Figment1900
51-55, F
1 Response Dec 9, 2012

it may not happen exactly as you envision it, but it's good to know what you need/ want!