Real Love

Whenever I see an older couple walking hand in hand all I can think is "that's all I want out of life" and will that be me someday? The committment and love for each other that prevailed over time is proof to me that two people can stay deeply connected over the years. Seeing and feeling this makes my heart ache for what they have. A soul mate, intimacy, and passion is what I want.

After nineteen years of marriage I am now alone. Although I was still alone when I was married  It really hurts when you can be so alone with someone right next to you. I married a person so completely uncapable of having a relationship with me on this level.

I want lto be in love. One that is true, unconditional, passionate, and everlasting. I want a connection with someone that can transcend time and space on a spiritual level.

I have so much love to give.




Lisa09 Lisa09
46-50, F
1 Response Mar 19, 2009

I totally agree with you. That's all I wish for my life.