The One That Got Away

Well like it says, i just wish to be loved. I really want a relationship. One that can last. I may not be much, but i will give the most i have to give. I just want to feel that someone else wants me in their life. That someone else needs me to be around them to make them feel at peace. I as well want someone like that. I want someone to have me. Someone who deserves all of me. It's so hard to find someone. Especially being a teenage gay guy. Most young gay guys that i know of are just lookin for easy sex and cheap thrills. Anybody can just jump in bed. But me, i believe in romance. A gentle touch of the hand, a soft caress on the cheek. A soft, delicate, kiss on the lips. To me romance is key...
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1 Response Sep 9, 2007

I feel like you a hell lot too, only mine is topped with the paranoia of them being happy if i died suddenly -_-<br />
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i would help you, but i'm a teenage bi girl and you're a teenage gay guy. looool. s'ok man, this is all part of adolescence. pain i mean.