Ok right so this is my first post. While I'm sure that everyone here just wants to be fat I have the problem that it's only half the time.
I always feel that I've left my parents down because in the past they made a deal out of my weight even though I never was (and am not) that overweight (And currently I'm not but almost am). Apart from them, I love being fat and would love to get fatter but the only way I can see of getting round this is by telling them and I have no way to do this. Saying as my mum has been dieting for the past 2 years, I would feel really embarresed telling them.
If anyone here has either told their parents or family members I would love some advice on that or advice from anyone on anything!!!
Thanks in advance
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I want to tell them so badly but I'm terrified of what they'll say

I can completely understand you, I'm in this sort of situation right now. If you wanna talk, just let me know :)

Can you add me so that I can ask you something?