Someting Match In My Mind Yesterday Nite !

I wish to tell a story about something arrived to me when I was 19, I was in love for a girl of my age but she wasn't care about me. All the things she saw that i'd a new car and got money. she took advantages from me, she was driving by a heart of stone, she was always with a guy that she hidden me he was his boyfriend. they took me everything that they can get from me. she broke my heart. I'll never awake from this story. after this part of my life I changed, i was gentle with a weak heart, very sensible and understanding guy, after this story I went angry, angry with my parents and anybody else. i'm disturb off by women since that time. The only happyness stuff that I brought is from teens girls. I found when I hold hers in my arms something that women upside 17 can't bring me.

Moralists, forgive me

sadlifeman sadlifeman
31-35, M
Feb 28, 2009