The Day Had Gone...

The hand of the Lord has done this. Job 12:9

The day had gone; alone and weak
I groped my way within a bleak
And sunless land.

The path that led into the light
I could not find! In that dark night
God took my hand.

He led me that I may not stray,
And brought me by a safe, new way
I had not known.

By waters still, through pastures green
I followed Him--the path was clean
Of briar and stone.

The heavy darkness lost its strength,
My waiting eyes beheld at length
The streaking dawn.

On, safely on, through sunrise glow
I walked, my hand in His, and lo,
The night had gone.

By, Annie Porter Johnson

Stand firm and you will see the deliverance the Lord will bring you today. Exodus 14:13
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2 Responses Apr 21, 2011

Wishing you hope and encouragement no matter where you are at in your day and constant prayers for your pain. I pray for great joy in your life. You are a blessing who I appreciate greatly. Love, Leg

Dear Legs,<br />
You have brought me another beautiful poem. Each time that you do, my heart swells with happiness, and my tears are wiped away by such caring hands as yours. You are a blessing to me as everyone else is who adds their pieces of love for me. I thank You. I Love You Happy Easter!