Life Happens

Hello out there....are you someone who always expected you would be married, raise a family and yet it never happened?  I almost married at 19, backed out 3 days before the wedding, we almost married again 12 years later...and again I backed out.  Other possibilities and yet here I am still single, attractive, at age 66, still wishing to make that ultimate connection.  I'm not one who was so involved in career that I didn't have time, though am lucky that I worked long enough to have a pension and social security.  I look at my friends; there's almost no one in my same situation, they may be single, at least they have kids.... I would love to chat with you about how you view your life, what you wish for your future, are you open to marriage (opinions from both male and females as I'm curious), I wonder if it's the societal expectation that causes me to wish my life were different...I did live with someone for several years, we almost married, but didn't get along well enough.  I broke him in for his (now) wife, I guess, because he was very hard to get along with. It was stressful though I know now more than I did, obviously, and would make a great partner...had I married at 19, I was so clueless it would have been a disaster. I also just remembered he didn't want children and also died at age 52, so I would have been almost in the same boat, except I could know I shared the commitment of marriage with someone.  This is so important to me that I realize I must make it a priority to do what it takes to find that someone.  Anyone else feel as I do?  I'd love to chat with you.
FinallyReady FinallyReady
66-70, F
Aug 6, 2007