Diaper Friendly Outings

While at a Mariners baseball game I noticed a somewhat older girl in the cutest Seattle Mariner outfit. She looked to be in her mid teens. Her "mom?" was also in a lightweight summer dress that allowed light to silhouette her undergarments, and it appeared Mom was indeed wearing a diaper too. The girl that was with Mom was most obviously in diapers because when she bent over the railing to look down at the crowd her blue and green ruffled diaper cover was plainly visible. I wanted to race over to where these gals were but I kept getting stopped and asked for my ticket by the courtesy people. I hung around the area for a couple of innings to see if they would pop out onto the concourse area so I could talk with them without having to flash my ticket at somebody. An opportunity to sneak past the courtesy host finally came my way but by the time I got into the area where the girls were, they had vanished. I searched the whole ballpark for the rest of the game trying to find those two but never saw them again. {:( The dress code of these two would be exactly the same sort of dress code I long to share on a full time basis. Diapers, without exception, would be a most welcome family lifestyle in my opinion. It is extremely difficult to watch a ballgame these days because of what I saw. Questions that will probably never have an answer will plague my thoughts whenever I go to a game. I wish for a closer encounter. I could be very contented if I were the one that carried the diaper-bag for those two, and of course my own diaper supply.
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If I had the chance to open a conversation with these two I would have probably mentioned that there is nothing better than an extra cushion for these hard seats. LOL. Then I may just let them in on the fact that I too have some well placed extra cushioning.

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If you had been successful in meeting with them... What would you have said to open the conversation?