It Never Goes Away

Speaking from the point of view of someone who has lost a child.
It does get easier but it never goes away.
You will be able to think of other things in time, and not dwell on it 24/7.
We always expect to go...........before our children.
When we lose one we don't think its fair.
And it is completely devastating.
It does get easier but it never goes away.
It has been over ten years for me and my eyes are watering.
No one can say anything that can ease the pain.
We will always have the shared experiences.
The love we have for that one will aways be in our hearts.
We will never forget that one.
Those are the things that will never go away.
Even though with time it gets easier.
Just1223 Just1223
46-50, M
1 Response Feb 17, 2012

It has been only 4 weeks for me

I am so sorry for you loss.....
There is nothing really any one can say or do to take it away... You just have to go through all of it... But you will always treasure the memories...and never forget..