Whipped, Welted And Wiggling ; Brought To Heel By Her Boyfriend

I am a well kept , well dominated cuckold husband. I married my beautiful but cruel wife six years ago and have never once enjoyed the privilege of ******* her. Debbie takes great pleasure in humiliating and shaming me whenever the opportunity presents itself. I thought I'd seen it all , but recently she and her boyfriend , Frank introduced an exciting new way to reduce me to an unspeakable level of degradation. It started when we had company over one night and I was put on display in a wig and make up and made to serve Debbie , Frank and three of her friends as a sissy maid and waitress for the evening. They took turns beating and whipping me with canes and belts , and as they did so , I was made to crawl back and forth across the floor while wiggling my bottom like a dog for their amusement. This was a major turn on for my wife ; she and Frank had incredible sex that night after her guests went home. The following Monday I overheard her telling one of her girlfriends about it. "It was hilarious - Frank made him crawl on the floor and wiggle his *** ! God , I've never been so horny in my life !" Over the next few days , Debbie brought up the subject to Frank several times and got him to agree to train me as a dog slave and make the festivities of that weekend a regular staple of our relationship. She wanted to keep me as a dog permanently ; I would be required to stay on all fours the entire time I was indoors , eat my meals from a bowl on the floor and etc. Above all , I would be required to wiggle and wag my bottom at all times ; Debbie found this tremendously exciting and wanted to incorporate this aspect of my subjugation into an ongoing part of our day to day routine. Whenever I crawled through the house - which would be my only means of getting around , since I would not allowed to walk on two legs , I would have to continuously wag my bottom as I crawled ; she wanted me to become accustomed to wagging my butt wherever I went. My new makeover as a house pet for my wife and her boyfriend began the following weekend. Debbie invited several of her friends over to watch the entertainment ; her friend Gail and Gail's boyfriend Keith , her other girlfriend , Karen and her boyfriend , Carl. I was ordered to ***** completely naked and a collar was fastened around my neck and a leash attached. Debbie led me out to the patio in the back yard ; I crawled ahead of her on hands and knees as she proudly paraded me across the deck. Being displayed in such a compromising position in front of her friends was quite embarrassing ; as instructed , I wiggled and wagged my bottom for the assembled guests. I was permitted to stand up for a few brief moments so I could take everyone's drink order and then go back to the kitchen to fix them. As soon as I returned , I quickly got back down on my hands and knees in front of Debbie and Frank and began wagging my bottom for them. Since my wife and her boyfriend are both turned on by whipping and flogging me , I didn't want to incur any additional punishment from them. Also , since we had company over , there was no way I could avoid a sound thrashing ; throughout our marriage , Debbie has never once entertained guests without lighting up my backside , or having one of her boyfriends do the honors. The relationship between a slave and his master/mistress is unique ; although I've received regular maintenance beatings from both my wife and her various boyfriends over the years , the painful , humiliating spankings have been such a wonderfully positive influence for me that I've been an even better and more attentive servant to them than I would have otherwise been. As any submissive knows , if you're fortunate enough to have someone around who is willing to exert themself and put forth their very best effort to tan your hide , you do everything you can to please them and keep them satisfied so they'll continue to keep your bottom tender and sore and make you a better person. It's exciting for me knowing that my wife's boyfriend becomes sexually aroused by whipping me just before ******* her ; when I'm listening to them having passionate sex , I savor the contrast between the incredible pleasure he's experiencing making love to my beautiful wife and the pain of my freshly thrashed bottom. My frequent whippings and beatings are even more effective when they're administered in the presence of others. Now , wagging my bottom in anxious anticipation of the imminent beating it would soon receive , I hoped I'd be able to endure it without losing my composure and embarrassing myself too much. "Frank , since you're his master , why don't you give Steven some training" , Debbie said. He took the leash and said , "Heel!" as he walked down the steps of the deck and into the yard. I carefully made my way down the steps on all fours as he used my wife's four foot riding crop to spur me along. He led me around the yard while using the leather crop on my upturned backside ; I wiggled my bottom for my master as we made our way across the lawn . Despite being utterly humiliated , I wagged my butt like a puppy dog out for a stroll. Being so completely controlled by another person can be a rewarding and fulfilling experience ; when that person is also the lucky guy who's ******* your wife , and your wife's girlfriends are watching , the shame is indescribable. He led me back up the steps and I crawled across the patio , wagging my bottom as I went. The women giggled as he led me into the house. Everyone made their way inside and I began to prepare myself mentally for a long evening of extreme humiliation and severe pain. My strong , confident sexy wife is so obviously much too good for me ; I know that I'll never be worthy of her. That's why I let her treat me the way she does , keeping me horny and frustrated while she dates whomever she wants. She is also quite cruel and sadistic ; she loves to inflict pain and usually tries to date guys who have a mean streak. When she has a new boyfriend who is not comfortable taking a strap to me , she often will only see him for a few weeks before looking for someone new who will provide the discipline I need  and that she wants me to receive. Debbie and Frank wasted no time getting started ; she got a cane from the bedroom , along with a new instrument to use on me - a brand new bullwhip ! It was long , probably about six feet or so , and it gradually tapered down to a small thin tip. She handed the bullwhip to Frank and told me to get moving. "We're gonna make that *** wiggle tonight ! Wag that *** for your master ! Show your respect and wag your tail !" Smacking my butt with the cane , she had me crawl around in circles while Frank took a few practice swings with the bullwhip to get the right technique for how to swing it. Debbie kept me crawling and wiggling , smacking me with the cane while he measured his stroke. After a couple of minutes , Frank raised his whip and started in on me. The first couple of times it didn't do much , but the third stroke found its mark and made a loud smacking sound on my bottom. Now my butt whipping began in earnest ; I crawled around the room wagging my bare bottom as Frank leisurely drew back his whip and flicked it in compact but powerful strokes against my stinging , wiggling ***. The women loved it , giggling at my plight and commenting laughingly at the red welts forming on my butt. As I crawled faster and faster to try and stay ahead of my tormenters , Debbie chased me and trapped me in the corner so she could get in five or six really hard smacks with the cane. Then I had to start crawling again , wiggling my butt for their amusement. And so it went , I crawled and scrambled back and forth as they took their aggression out on my vulnerable , exposed bottom. The faster I crawled , the harder they hit me. Frank was really giving it to me good ; raising the whip and snapping my butt with enthusiasm. All the while everyone kept reminding me to wiggle my bottom ; "We've got it wiggling now , I'm gonna beat that *** and make it wiggle ! Gonna set that *** on fire , that *** is gonna be wiggling all night long !" Debbie cornered me again and let loose with another volley of hard , slashing strokes. "Wiggle that *** , wimp ! Wag that butt ! Get that *** up ! I want to see that *** wiggling !" I hastened to obey ; they wanted to put on a show for their friends and they certainly did. No matter how much I wiggled and wagged my scalded bottom , they exhorted me to wiggle it even more. No matter how fast I crawled and squirmed under their assault , my wife and my master continued to cover every inch of my defenseless hindquarters with hard , stinging blows. It was becoming a sexual flogging ; the harder they beat me the more it was turning them on. "We've got that *** wiggling now ! " (SMACK) "Make it wiggle !" (SMACK) "We're makin' that *** wiggle tonight !" (SMACK) "Gonna wiggle that *** all night long !" (SMACK) "Beat that *** all night long !" (SMACK) "When the sun comes up that *** is still gonna be wiggling !" (SMACK) "Get that *** wiggling !" (SMACK) "You're gonna learn how to wiggle that *** !" (SMACK) "Gonna teach that *** how to wiggle !" (SMACK) "Gonna beat that *** till it wiggles !"(SMACK) Frantic from the excruciating pain , I curled up into a ball , begging for mercy. They had broken the skin in several places , my bleeding , burning bottom was a mass of red and purple welts and weals. Debbie had climaxed and was radiant in the afterglow of her ******. They went back over to the couch and sat down ; I think their spanking arms needed a rest. Ordering me to crawl to where they sat , Debbie told me to give her and her boyfriend a foot massage. I knelt in front of them and began rubbing her feet while she kissed him and rubbed his ****. After massaging her feet for a few minutes , I started on Frank's ; massaging the feet of the man who's ******* your wife is embarrassing enough - having to do it in front of several other people made it even more humiliating. After I'd massaged his feet for a while , Debbie ordered me onto my back so she could continue making out with Frank while they used my face as a footrest and I licked and kissed the soles of their feet as they did so.
Debbie was getting really turned on , and after saying goodbye to her guests , returned to the sofa to cuddle and make out with my master while I continued paying oral homage to their feet. Eventually , they went to bed and made passionate love several times during the course of the night ; I licked them both clean each time before returning to the couch to get a couple hours of sleep - on my stomach , of course. Later , Debbie rang the servant's bell again and I was summoned to fix their breakfast. After breakfast , Debbie came up with a particularly wicked idea. "Why don't we go for a walk around the neighborhood and you can walk our pet doggie ?" I was mortified at the prospect of this , but Debbie was adamant. She kept me naked , except for a thong swimsuit ; this way my genitals would be covered but my well marked backside would be exposed for all to see. I wore a pair of gardening gloves on my hands and sneakers on my feet , but was otherwise naked , other than the swimsuit. They ordered me outside into the car and drove a short distance to a park in the area. What followed was by far the most humiliating and degrading event of my life - being walked like a dog by my wife and her boyfriend through the park in front of everyone , crawling on my hands and knees wagging my freshly beaten , welted red bottom from side to side as we made our way through the park. Debbie would hold my leash while Frank spurred me along with the leather riding crop , then they would exchange positions so she could get in a few good smacks. One woman who was out for a walk said , "Looks like you've really got him trained , maybe I should try that with my husband !"  I am so grateful for the creativity of my wife and my new master , Frank. Their strict discipline and determination to completely break me has really improved my behavior as well as my outlook on life. I'm happier than I've ever been and have redoubled my efforts and attentiveness in always wanting to please them. Practice certainly does make perfect - I've gotten better and better at wiggling and wagging my bottom at all times. If you are a submissive and don't think this is a highly erotic activity , I suggest you ***** naked right now and get down on all fours , then try wagging your butt back and forth. Now , imagine doing this in front of other people who are fully clothed. Although this is a rather specialized kind of lifestyle , and certainly not for everyone , it has worked out beautifully for Debbie and myself. Thanks to her and her boyfriend , my backside is now regularly whipped , welted and wiggling. All I want is to keep wiggling and wagging my bottom for them.
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You are the master of butt-wiggling!<br />
More stories of your humiliating butt-wagging please!<br />
I hope your wife and lover has you wear nothing but pink panties from now on, just to show off your excellent butt-wiggling skills!<br />
And they should put you in a chastity cage! Your wife's lover will love holding the keys, of course...<br />
<br />
Keep wiggling...