Ballet Actress,Elizabeth Taylor

The early childhood of Elizabeth Taylor, in  England - was a  time of learning ballet, riding her horse and playing polo.  A natural beauty at 12 years of age, her horsemanship helped to win her a staring role as  "Velvet Brown"  a lovestruck "for horses" young girl  - whom disguised as a jockey,rides her "raffle prize" to win the "National Racing Crown".    Her vibrant enthusiasm and intriguing charm  made the 1944 wartime thriller "National Velvet" a box office success. It enthralled millions worldwide and soon she became the "Darling" of the Troops.      In the early 50's she stared in the romance-comedy  "The Lite Fantastic"  where she played the part of a "very beautiful and lovestruck" dance instructor, trying to catch a husband.  The release of the movie was long delayed and its name changed to "Love is Better Than Ever" while her leading man "Larry Parks" was brought before the "UnAmerican Activities Committee" and barred from appearing in movies.      -      Soon     -       tragedy touched her life    -      Her health began to slip away.        She is beautiful yet today, at only 76, and is often seen in a wheelchair while attending AIDS benefits, "Her Chairity".      I truly believe,  that if she so desires,  modern health science, with the hopes, wishes, prayers and help of her many admirers worldwide, may someday make it possible for her to ride her horse again or perhaps entertain us on "Dancing With The Stars" Live TV.  She has the Spirit - Let her know that you want to see her back - and on her "pretty little feet" doing what She Loves!!             P.s.  It is not like " Liz " to leave a GREAT Dance Party, This EARLEY!!!      Rchrd

DrRchrd DrRchrd
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Oct 3, 2008