To a very 'Special Friend'..........from My Heart To You....

What we value most in life
Are precious and are rare,
Treasures found from loving
Giving warmth, concern, and care

Miracles given
Like a rare and precious gem,
Brightening the world once more,
With this precious gift of a friend.

Honoring your gentle kindness
Precious moments that we share
Touched by your heart of love
And your special loving care

May today and every other
Touch you with the same gentle kindness
And caring heart you share
So generously with others
It seems I can’t remember
my life before you were in it.
I think it’s because you’ve made
it so complete.

As constant as the moonbeams,
and the sun rising each day.
You know my every mood,
my every flaw, my every weakness-

Yet, you see the good, the beauty
and the uniqueness in me.
I see the same in you,
and always will.

If I could wrap a star in a bow
and send it down to you,
To illuminate your life with love,
as you do mine-
I would.
May our Friendship never ends..........You'll always have a special place in my heart......
Love you lots........'Your Friend'.........(I think you know who you are...*winks*)
lexuslourve lexuslourve
41-45, F
Jun 8, 2011