This poem is very special to me as it commemorates someone who is very important in my life: my mother. Her courage & strength have been inspirational to me, and this poem is my way of sharing my feelings for her and sharing her life with the world. My mom had aneurysums on her brain at the age of 44 back in 1994. It breaks my heart seeing her this way and having to live in a nursing home at such a young age.  I also want to honor my Father for always being by my Mothers side . They have been married now for 44 years and he is still by her side.

Something inside me is screaming "LET ME OUT!!"
I want to raise my voice........I want to shout!!
No one knows the pain I'm feeling inside....
I am all alone.............I want to cry.
You left me sooo long ago.
You did not die you are in a nursing home.
Your mind is confused and it breaks my heart. 
I dont know what to say to you....I dont know where to start.
I'm so mad at the world!! I dont know what to do.
I love you mother and I am lost without you...

nomotivation nomotivation
41-45, F
Jun 20, 2011