Pursuit Of Perfection

This was written about the love of my life; whether or not she realizes what is possessed by her is an entirely different question.  I know its rough and overly poetic, but all very true and my mind will not waiver for a moment in this belief: 

Not even Helen of Troy cannot begin to approach that which encapsulates your being.  The sun shines so the rest of the world can know how it feels to be in your presence.  Mountains were created so that the world would have something to compare your endurance to.  The stars were hung in the night sky to provide the perfect backdrop for anyone so lucky as to catch a glimpse.  Titans move the heavens and the earth, but you ravage hearts at their core with no more than a subtle glimpse.  Your laugh abounds with the happiness of a thousand comedians while your tears are sadder than the worst tragedy.  Your eyes are more mesmerizing than the waves of an ocean and voice more beautiful than any symphony ever conjured up by the small mind of man. You are more than any man could ever dream to want and that which only one man will ever have.  When that day comes, that a man claims you as his own, there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth the likes of which have never been seen.  The hearts of men everywhere will be broken as they know there will never be another like you.
moritus moritus
May 11, 2012