How I Got So Into Computers!

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"How long where you interested in computers, and what got you interested in them, if you don't mind me asking? I think it's cool. Only came across 1 or 2 girls who likes computers, and one of them is a huge Linux fan, she also uses Ubuntu."

I don't like posting other peoples user names and such without permission or without them knowing or expecting it. It does not matter anyhow just a common practice I follow.

How I got so into Computers!

All teenagers theses days like computers. Heck boys and girls from 8 or so onward practically have there cell phone strapped to there hand. And today's cell phones are more advanced then most of the computers we grew up with.... spoiled brats!

But I think I understand what you mean. It's not so much liking computers it's knowing about them etc... into tech and everything. I don't know if you know this or not but I have spoken about it in comments and messages and maybe even stories but I'm not much good at English and grammar. Even with things like autocheck and so forth my stories and most comments from me are not really written poorly but they are certainly nothing compared to someone who is well, good at English and takes there time.

Content is an other thing, and I think... no I know it's the  time I take as well as the content of my stories that people enjoy reading them. I put a lot of effort into most of them, even the ones I don't suspect people will enjoy to read as much.

So since I am very bad at English the computer helps a lot! I got interested in computers since I was around 10 years old. I had to share a couple family computers until I was about 15-16 years old.  I did not start really learning computers until I was older then 18. So if we spoke about seven years ago I would know very little about computers...  I would say my very first interest in computers was three things!  

First printers... I just thought the idea of printing out a picture was cool, even though I had no interest in printing out pictures myself. And our first printer was a horrible piece of crap! O wait, that's right printers never evolved my current one is a horrible piece of crap!  I went on about this already I hate printers!  I know some people say I'm just cursed but no I REALLY hate all printers. But I must use them every day of my life! Or just about... it ****** me off so much.

Second my next main interest as a child was video games! And unlike some kids, or ANY kid in today's world... computers were not something children had access to. Only like 1-2 of my friends had a computer in the household and in all cases they were basically used by parents only or rarely kids. It was not to different at first in our household but at least we got some access.

And computer games were a lot different... remember all those common windows 95 games! Well they were my first computer games... the skiing one with the monster, chips challenge, and a lot of those games. But the main computer games that were different are store bought ones... And we got some games, sport games, rpgs and so forth nothing really stuck out... we had mist but I was late to the party so I played or more so watched my older brother beat mist on the Sony or some other console...

But out of all the games nothing was really amazing, at least in my eyes until a company that has sadly gone to the dark side! A company I now hate, called Electronic Arts came out with a game called "The Sims"!  Which I would call a fairly break though game at the time. I wanted it so bad I basically forced my parents to get it!  And I almost never do that... I can count the video games on maybe one hand that I practically went MINE! 

I would basically walk up to my father and be like... Give me the money or get robbed tonight. Either way I'm getting this game! Or a more reliable thing I could say if I was smarter could have been "Give me money or You know that boy down the street that you don't really like? You know the one mom used to babysit! Yeah him... well I'm going to go get laid by him tonight if I don't have something more interesting to do like this new video game I want... I don't care that I'm basically 12 and have little actual interest in having sex and even more so with him! I will do it!  lol  Thanks for the money DAD!... Now can you go drive me out to the store to buy it, you know after you just came home from a long work shift!... No?.... well I think my pants are getting loose I wonder if that boy is home?...
(Sound of Car Starting!)

The Sims was amazing and everything about it I loved. I think I was in grade 7 at the time... but it could have been grade 8? After I got the game... our computer could not run it! Well it could but it ran so slow! So I got my family to get a new computer. That's not something you can really force your family to get, we were not rich or even that well off. But thankfully we were planning to get a new one in the next 3-6 months at most anyhow. I was almost ready to cry when the sims did not work.  So I guess I was able to turn those three months into about three weeks. Then I could finally play the Sims.  You know when any of my other three siblings or mother did not have it. I got it a fair bit being the youngest! I have two older brothers and one older sister who is the oldest. Even my youngest sibling is nearly 10 years older then me.

The third and final reason was ****!  There I said it.  I remember being about twelve and secretly looking at **** on the family PC. I had to learn some ways to cover my tracks, delete history and such. To bad for me I was such a noob and not half as smart as I thought I was! So I forgot about something like the recent files or something.  This went on for a short while and eventually yes my mom asked me if I was looking at certain adult things. She was very vague only because with those type of history files and such or what ever I forgot to delete. You never know if they are by accident or what not... and I was not the only one looking at stuff. **** in general is not that bad of a thing in our household and it was to be expected that my older brothers would probably view **** fairly often on the computer. And that was normal.

But something must have tipped my mother off that it was possibly me! And before I go on about that more. I was the good child!

Sure my oldest brother was also fairly good... and in many ways better! He had near perfect grades and was very wise almost mentor like and is probably the biggest role model for me growing up for sure! But he has done some stupid and silly things and has an endless amount of bizarre experiences to share. I almost wish he posted here the things he has seen and been though in life. It makes it seem like I have no life at all. In one party he has observed and done things that just blow my mind. He also travels around the world at times, has almost been married twice. So hes good in a smart and grades kind of way but NOT really good if you know what I mean. Drinking, partying... a lot of sex with crazy woman!  Some drugs... weekends with no sleep. A couple times almost dying... not even kidding....  He just good at seeming good and covering his tracks. But he really is very smart! But anyone who knew him well knew most of the trust but not to many people knew all of the truth! Of course my mom knew what he was about... near perfect grades but up to a lot of bad and stupid things. So he was kind of a trouble maker. But could get away with it easily. Being good at lying or passing the blame onto someone else and being manipulative at times.  So he kept a lot hidden from all of us including our parents.

Were I really was the good child! Except for things like schooling and grades! Unlike ALL my other siblings I rarely get into any trouble at all!  And it's not only because I was a girl... my oldest sibling is my sister and she definably not a good girl. lol  She was like my brother without the ability to properly cover her tracks and such... more like my youngest brother. But only recently have I found out most of the things that went on back then... I was 0-8 years old when my older siblings were experiencing there teen years. So needless to say I knew very little. And remember even less.

Sorry about that I had to explain that ALSO like my oldest brother I too put on a fake front. In a lot of ways I'm not a good girl... I was into a lot of sexual things and so forth without anyone having any idea. I also was a MASTER at hiding my bad report cards and avoiding parent teacher interviews. So when I was asked about the "adult content" I lied!

I have my average kind of lying mode I go into... were I can think up excuses, back peddle, play dumb... just straight out lie but I'm not going all the way... and my mom was good at seeing though theses lies. So I had my serious lie mode hidden that I would rarely use so if something I really wanted to lie about came along I could be totally serious about it. So of course I naturally switched into what I call my oldest brother mode and was like... no that was not me! 

The best part is I'm not stupid!  Unknown to me she must have had some idea it could have been me but the reason she asked me at that very moment was because twice I heard her returning to the room were we kept the computer and I could not close the **** in time. So I would hard reset the system! So twice she entered to find the PC restarting. And me trying to look natural like nothing was up.  So since I was 12 and a girl she felt like it was something she had to ask me... but I kind of already had an excuse ready... even more so after I knew I had to shut down the computer a second time! 

You see I was there to play a video game... that was my reason for asking for a turn with the PC. And the game I kind of seriously wanted to play of often was playing at the time had this issue that if you followed the proper setup it would reboot your PC!  I found this out when I had it reset the PC like 12 times learning how to install it. And even while installed you have to pick the sound card information every time you play. So the same thing applies you have to go out of your way and do something that makes no sense to get the game to start. So when she called me out on it.. I said no I'm not looking at **** and asked her to help me setup this game!  

So she tried to help and during about 15 minutes of trying to get it to work the PC was reset twice!  And she said sorry I can't get it to work. But I knew how to get it to work. lol  So it worked out perfectly and I never knew what evidence I left behind but there had to been something because I was looking at **** even some of my first pee **** and not properly deleting the history. But with so many people using the PC and some links and such accidentally open or pop-up and history data is often hard to understand anyhow... I suspect she knew I was at least browsing some ****... but did not think I was that into it or did it often. 

A little later in life I was less shy to admit it... by the time I had my own PC everyone knew I looked at **** to at least some degree.

So those are the three reasons I got into computers in the first place. Simple reasons really... fun and pleasure.  Video games and people having sex.  The sims even combined the two!  I stuck with computers because I realized it was the only way for me to properly express myself... I can't really print or write all that well... sure I can! But it would take me forever and it would be full of changes, scribbles... erases...  for me to print or write anything even a couple paragraphs long. I need a computer to do well in our world. 

Did you know that often if I can't spell a word I imagine a keyboard in front of me and what buttons I would hit! So I know words based on muscle memory or something like that. It's kind of sad and scary.  I would say that all around my overall English skills are grade six level. In the very least the average grade 8 student can... print and writer neater, faster, and more proper then I can... and knows more about grammar and such then I ever have or ever will know. And that's an average grade 8 student! And I'm being generous to myself.

I learned most of my advanced computer knowledge from just general hobbies, my work... and the fact that like I said I really needed and liked computers in general.

P.S I have mentioned this at least once or twice before... but I have never had the sex talk with anyone in my family. I'm glad for that! lol  But it's strange that in general **** is not a bad thing at all. If I was 13-14 even being a girl I don't think my mom would have asked me or anything. I just wonder how common that is? Would most family understand and even expect some members of the family browsing **** on the family computer? or even personal computers? Sure my older siblings were like 21-22+ or so years old. And my oldest two siblings were or have already moved out of the house around that time.  Or had been and moved back for a short time.
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