Islam is the name God gave to his religion, it is not named after a person, place or ethnic group. Islam is God’s religion which was sent to all the prophets since the first of mankind until now. Prophets such as Noah, Abraham, Lot, Moses, Jacob, Jesus, etc. with the last and final prophet being Muhammad.

All prophets came with the same message, which is that God is One, He is the Creator of all that exists and we should worship Him, seek forgiveness directly from Him and only He has power over all things. The basic tenets of Islam as outlined by God via His Messenger are normally called the “Pillars of Islam” and they are five.

1. Testimony of Faith – which is to say and believe “There is no god except God and Muhammad is His Messenger” – this is because at the time of Moses the believers (Muslims) were who ever followed Moses as God’s prophet and same with all prophets. The last prophet, whom we are living after, is Muhammad… so by accepting him we also accept all of God’s prophets before him and we are consider the nation of this prophet.

2. Prayer – Muslims pray 5 times per day to God directly, not to any “middle person”

3. Charity – if one has a certain amount of money then once per year he should give just 2.5% as an obligatory charity while Islam strongly encourages further optional charity

4. Fasting – we are obligated to fast the month of Ramadan which just recently passed, this is to instill patience and righteousness in us as it is a great form of worship. It also allows us to understand the hardships of those in need who do not easily have food.

5. Pilgrimage – if one is healthy and able financially to afford going to Mecca during the Hajj season they should do so once in life. This was established by the Prophet Abraham and is the greatest gathering of millions of believers to worship God.

Those are the basic pillars or obligatory actions of Islam. One becomes Muslim through number 1, believing and saying it, and it is easy. The faith is both easy to practice and understand – but deep in that it offers guidance for everything in life.

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