My Boyfriend's Roomate Loves My Boobs!!!

hiii...this is my real story,i hav a fantasy about my breasts been suckled and licked...specially to strangers and old men..
i had a boyfriend...who lives in a room with his boyfrnd was smart n handsum...but his roomate is a skinney-short black guy...he doesnt hav any girlfrnd...
i use to visit my bf very often...we make out then...his roomie knows wht v r up to...
he just watch me with lusty eyes.!!!
once i came to meet my boyfrnd.....his roomie told that he left for workout..i was about to go..but i saw him staring at my big ****...i wore a tight green shirt with 2 open buttons revealing a lot of cleavage..i felt  pity for him...i asked him tht wht hes staring at...he says "i love ur melons..u hav very milky boobs,i envy ur boyfrnd."
i was moved by his words..i got close to him and opened my shirt for him...he got amased to see me like that....he got me by waist and took me to his bed ,his bed was just opposite to my boyfrnd's...i lied by his side and he took my left boob out of my bra and started sucking it with greed.....he was sucking it like a baby getting milk frm udders...he sucked it for some minutes and then moved to other boob...he was making my nipples sooo wet by his saliva...after 15 mins of sucking ...he told me to come in on my fours like a cow...i did it..he then slipped down n caught my nipples with his thick tongue.....he was sucking it very hard,licking n pulling it a lot.....he fulfilled what he want for half an hour...then i wore my shirt...gave him a kiss n left before my boyfrnd came....
i saw him happy n satisfied....
after then when ever  my boyfrnd leaves for gym...or sum other work....he becomes my baby....starts sucking me...aah..
my boyfrnd yet didnt knows about it...:)))
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6 Responses Jan 21, 2011

I want to be nursed like that too.

Very exciting for me. I want to be baby like him for many hours..may I ? You very sweet ! plz reply..


great nice chance

do you want?

mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm sounds yummmy i want sum

You must be so aroused and wet from him sucking on your nipples. You are then really ready for your boyfriend. :) I love this.

very hot letting a guy who isn't your bf suck from your breats. must have been very exciting

hello sexy breast suking