Why Is It So Hard For U, Too Understand?



          I don't understand what it is that u have the hardest time understaning me, especially when u think u are mr.know it all and I am barley older than u! Its not right, that I am always here for u no matter what the hell it is: good, bad, ugly, and etc. Everytime u say I am here for u its been nothing but a lie so far, I have needed u sometimes and sometimes a little more than others, but every time I come too u and say I need to talk, u just say what is it and u push me aside and its getting to my skin, too the point I don't know wether too love u or let u go anymore!!!!!!!! Like last night I needed u more than ever and u just what is it and then u started raising ur voice just a little and then u give me this bull-**** crap I cannot take anymore and I cannot deal with someone like this, u know Frank everyone has problems and when u've needed me have I not always been there, when u've needed me in any time of need have I not dropped what I am doing and leave my other friends too hang to be by ur side?? Yes I have always been there for, I have always, listen u too, I have and always will support u even if I do not agree with u or the morals I see but yet I say nothing ( its not that I cannot stand up for myself, because I can  but ur a grown man and u have to decide things for urself, but still I do care and love u always and forever will), all's I ask is when u say u'll be there for me, be there for me and DON"T do this bull-**** any more too me!! When I come too u with a problem or need too talk its not about  u have the time any ways, but u have always said if u need to talk coem too me, I have always done that but ur so self-centered u do not give a dam too listen too me, when I come too u I am NOT asking u too fight my battles for me, I am asking that u listen too me with open ears and a heart that cares u know? When I come too u, I want u too listen too me and what I am asking for when I need too talk is this:  give me advice when I ask for it, give me ur opions when I ask for it, and pray with me!!! The only time I have seen u be here for me is when I am being bullied and I walk away, u do NOT understand that my anger is cable of physically harming someone and that is why I walk away!!! Why do u think I have been in jail twice for my anger issues, that was my fault and I admit it no one is perfect u know what " I did the crime and I did the time too)! Why ca't seem to crasp that when I come too u, I want u too listen too me and not judge me or snap at me like a 2 yr old, can u NOT see how much I love u and that I have always been there for u, but u do not wanna be there for me ever, its bull-****, especailly since I knoiw ur my soulmate!I love u with everything I have and yet u use to accept me for me, now I am wondering, do u really or is it another lie too!



Decatied to what I hope and pray, like I think I did, that u, Frank are still my soulmate. I hate too say it but I am starting to question it so much????

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2 Responses Feb 15, 2010

I agree with BBUDS, it's time to sit Frank down and tell him how you feel! TAKE CARE!!!

Did you tell him how you feel? That is what you should do.