Look At What I See


   I know that u are hard on urself, but my love and my life u shouldn't be!! I know u have self image awarness problems/self eestm, why I do not know, but I wish u wouldn't be so hard on urself, because I see a lot in ur eyes and ur heart!! Please step inside my soul and look through my heart's mirror at what I see in ya. Love of my life, the one who makes the stars twinkle bright this is what I see in ya:


  u are strong, u are level headed, u are a loving man, u have a pure heart, u have a golden heart, u are a warrior after our Higher Powers, u are a wise man, u are loving, u are sweet, u are caring, u are good looking, u've got a great vocie to sing, u are a great cook, u are the one that put life and love back into my heart and soul right underneathe our Higher Powers, u are what makes the stars in the midnight sky twinkle so bright, u are the glue that holds me and my life together, u are the glitter that brought hope and harmony plus happiness back into my life, u are my rock, u are my strong hold, u have a calm nautre just like the ocean's water calm and still as can be until u are see ur loved ones getting hurt, u have a very hot and attractive body for man, honeslty too me I know that everyone has faults and weakness in life because we are imperfect mortals/human beings with human sinless nautre but I honestly do not see any weakness or faults in u, my love of my life, u are a great listner, u are a great friend, u have a very strong angel like personility for I see it all around u from the inside and out, u are evreything too me, every time I am like a falling star within the sky that has losted its brightness its u through our Higher Powers that has caught me, and brought me back to life, u have accepted me for me, u are very knowgleable, u are humble and meek, u are not boastful, nor are u judgemental, ur eyes are so amazing when I look into them I see a lot of pain but way beyonde that I see a man who loves me for me and has never given up one me but unstead loves me with everything he has, u are so greatful, u are so supportive, u are my fire within my heart that makes me happy plus u are the beats within my heart that my heart beats and lives for underneathe our Higher Powers, u are an increable person, baby people like u " Make this world a better place, to be in and through our Higher Powers u make life more beatiful and its like through the Heaven's blessing u pour there love above from our Higher Powers, onto this world and u help people see thing that they cannot see, like who they are and how much they are blessed, ur love is more sweeter than honey and sugar put together"!!!


I wish u could see through my eyes and my heart, how much of a wonderful person u are and how much u really should not be hard on urself at all, u are what my everything, u saved me from dying in love because I never knew who I was or how to love myself, but through our Higher Powers, u've shown me different and u make me who I am a better person today!! Please look inside my mirror's heart, u'll see everything I see in u!



Decatied to my bf, soul mate, best friend, and so much more Frank

mysterygirlsky mysterygirlsky
26-30, F
1 Response Mar 15, 2010

It is great that you only see good things in him, and that you admit that everyone has flaws. I am sure he sees many great things in you too. I know I do.