I Hate It When A Story Has A Really Long Title, And Then It Turns Out To Be A Really Short Story With No Real Substance.

Twilight sucks!!!

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4 Responses Mar 10, 2010

*ditzy girl voice* Oh my God his skin sparkles like diamonds !! My suggestions for better books and movies is everything in the world. Heh, my favorite in this strain would be Anne Rice's Vampire Chronicles, and if you're into Sci Fi (?) then I'd recommend Orson Scott Card.

oh no! i can not agree with u on that! lol! i am a huge fan of twilight, sad to say im kinda obsessed w/ it. i think its the love story behind it all that draws me in so much. but im always open to suggestions for better books/movies if u have any!! :)

haha... I liked the first 3 books - but i was disappointed in the last book i felt like i was ripped off with the whole ending. Have a good book or series to suggest??