We Could Just Graze On Grass!


Well why not?  The elephants, giraffe,cows,even dinosaurs managed to gain Tons of weight on plain, green grass. Why do we have to have so much food to be healthy?  Humans can eat anything . Too much of anything can make weight go straight to the moon.  Remember the song" Grazing in the Grass"?   I don't know  how many hours a week we spend on eating. In one end and out the other..EWW..Gross and LOL, true. 

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7 Responses Mar 13, 2009

Nope, I only like cream Soda and raspberry too! That's so funny..I never drink coke, or pepsi. I like flavored sparkling water. I'm thinking Toffee ice cream,a shot of coffee..some cream Soda. I'll work on my invention when it's a bit warmer ..too cold here now.

Oh I like root beer floats and had them all the time, as a kid.Every flavor is Ok with me..ice cream is a joy and one of the best "inventions", on the face of the planet.I'm planning on making a coffee float..I will work on the recipe..it just sounds good ..a latte flavor..perhaps hazelnut?

What a joy to have lunch and fun with you all. Sm1985, I also eat many fruits and vegs. I wish I could stand Salad in the winter. I never eat them because I want hot foods.Summer is OK and I choose like you..Many, many fruits, loads of salads 7 days a week. Plus ice cream..Oh..that's not a fruit!

Ok..I did google Johannesburg. it's awesome. Nope, No elephants strolling about.I saw 2 huge towers and a city worth shopping in. I love shopping. Back to eating, I would love to have lunch with you all . Meet ladee and me for a gossip session in johannesburg...lunch is on Ladee! LOL.. Jojo order big and we'll buy Ladee a beer! So much for eating grass.

LOL just think of all the methane gas from the cows! I could stand to miss a few meals though! And some snacks too!

No way ! I totally got it! I'm trying to imagine what it looks like , where you live. All I can imagine is Africa with the big, wild open spaces. Elephants and roaring cats. Too much TV I expect. You are loved, hugs Dear.

Silly ladee..Green grass ..like in your front yard.. Cows love it, MOOOO!