Ain't it the way of the world... All the bad things for you taste so good and all the good things for you are awful.

I had to cut alot of my diet, or I probably would've had a heart attack by now with my stress levels, and blood pressure and family history. I cut alot of my salt. Cut down on sugars. Cut down on pop and alcohol. Cut back on smoking my cigars, etc.

Going through life without eating would be much easier... But then, I'd miss taste, and taste is wonderful.

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originally, i'm pretty sure our tastes were supposed to help us find the healthy foods. but when things get added to unhealthy foods to make them taste better, our poor taste buds get confused

I hate yogurt.

Not all healthy foods taste bad. Fat free frozen yogurt for example is very nice and so are fresh fruit.

I completely understand. I've given up many things that are delicious. I don't have the will-power to eat just one or two bites, it's too good, I want to eat a satisfying amount or I don't want to have it at all. <br />
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I tried to become a vegetarian for 3 years. Have you ever seen a fat vegetarian? I haven't. It was so difficult. Vegies digest in just 2 or 3 hours & then I'd be starving again without an opportunity to eat for over 8-10 hours. So this failed & I ended up gaining weight. I would get dizzy & confused while at work, do poorly & get reprimanded by my boss. So I tried to supplement my hunger with carbs. One slice of bread can hold me for at least 2-3 hours. I couldn't have a gassy food like beans which with its protein value would've held me 5+ hours, I worked in an office, around other people all day with no potty breaks. I just hold in gas that long.<br />
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I enjoy the taste too. Some healthy things can be tasty, but then you can only have them in moderation, since the part that makes them yummy, is fattening.<br />
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So I'd love to give up the calories, fat grams & parts that make me fat, but I'd never want to give up the delicious taste that I crave when I'm away from that necessary

I love food and cooking so not eating is not an option. I found that avoiding all processed foods is the only way. I make my own stock and pizza base so that avoids salt. I make my own sauces for pasta and that reduces sugar. I threw out the deep fryer cos it was the only way I could stop eating fries. It's more work but more fulfilling and I have lost weight whilst eating the same amounts.

Doesn't hurt... My weight basically stays in the 280-290 range now.

Does it help any?

I walk every morning. It's part of my routine.

I would hate to go without food. I would suggest just having everything in moderation. I eat junk food occasionally like pizza or something, but I don't eat three pizzas in one sitting every day. Moderation is the key. And if you do eat something really fattening, try to burn and metabolize that fat by taking a walk or something.