The Choo-choo Train Trip

I recall one Sunday evening; we were driving home along the state highway that runs parallel to a railroad bed. We came to a stop at a traffic light when my two year old granddaughter, sitting in her child's seat in the back seat said, "Choo-Choo, Papa" Well, there was no Choo-Choo at that time, but she must have recognized the cross arms and the black and white signal gate.  However, stopped across the way from us, heading in the opposite direction was one of those CSX  Railroad trucks.  The kind that can lower their steel wheels and travel the rails.

 I replied, "No there is no choo-choo train right now, but ...

There is a choo-choo train track there ...and look- there is a choo-choo train track truck ... and if he will lower his wheels onto the choo-choo train track, he can go on a choo-choo train track truck trip. ... And if two trained tree trimmers are standing along side the choo-choo train track the choo-choo train track truck could stop and offer them a ride if they have choo-choo train track truck trip tickets.  ...  But of course that means that on board the choo-choo train track truck, there must be a choo-choo train track truck trip ticket taker. ... In this case, his names is Charles.  But the choo-choo train track truck trip trained tree trimmers cannot bring any luggage along ... because, ...  the choo-choo train track truck has no trunk.  Tragic, isn't it!  Tragic, but true. ...

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he sat upon the railroad tracks the train he did not see<br />