The Most Special Of Holidays

Thanksgiving, sadly, is often used as the "lesser in-laws' holiday" -- an effort to placate the relatives who don't get the grand kids at Christmas time. Don't do it! Thanksgiving is a wondrous holiday all unto itself -- it doesn't require gifts, or overnights; it doesn't even require family!

Because our friends enjoy coming for Thanksgiving to share our feast, we started implementing "leftover feast" day -- a sort of pot luck the day after. We all bring a leftover to present, because someone else's leftovers can be my new food. We don't require you to knock yourself out or to share what you'd rather hoard for yourself. You bring what you wish to bring, and you can tuck in at the leftover table. It even buys you the right to bring other leftovers home.

It all started because we'd trade leftovers at lunch the Friday of Thanksgiving weekend -- we worked for financial companies; since the stock market is open on Friday, we were at work. More than one person told me that my leftovers are better than their "new food," and thus started the idea that certain leftovers are worth having or trading. We felt like we were back in school in the cafeteria!

So now, we have half a dozen meals over Thanksgiving weekend and the following week. It helps diminish quantities of leftovers fading in the back of the fridge, it lets us enjoy the spirit of and the giving of thanks for longer, and most of all -- it allows us to see the friends and family we might lose touch with in the shuffle of the coming winter holidays.
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2 Responses Dec 3, 2012

hereinportland, the problem is that the "spinoff meals" get to be events in and of themselves. now i'm tired! and full!

Great idea. You get to have different Thanksgiving foods and a different community of friends to share it with, while using up the food. Nicely done.