The Light

I donot see with The eyes that you see.
I Donot view People like you.
I See people Like Bright Candles.
The light inside them.
Love.Romance.Childern.Laughter. Each of these things make that light brighter.
But what about when that light is sick? Or is Sad?
Hate.Anger.Emptyness.These are things that will dim the light.
When someone dies that light that once belonged to them is
Muffed out. Like a candle in a winters storm.
What is to become of us all?
If it can end like such?
Why is life worth liveing?
Such a thing is not an easy anwser.
Nor is it easy knowing the truth.
But once you know Why i see the world like this..............
You will never see the World the same again.
StarySkys StarySkys
18-21, F
Sep 12, 2012