My Friend

my friend is cool shes a little more plumbed than other girls and that gets her down she looks at other to compare herself shes not confidant when it comes to relationships but as for work shes on top i see it all but since i am the type live yourlife i will play ignornt till the time comes that you bring up the subjuct i wish she could see the woman i see in her the supper jumpy chearfull amusing sensitive and beautifull amazing  she keeps me with a smile all day long  and it makes me have a sirious pain  ,but its not only me that sees that anyone who would see her frome first sight would say my god this cick is hot hot hot ! but she doesnt seee that too bad cause if she would just let go and be the person she is the same one i find everytime shes alon with me than i am sure the guy most be crazy not to fall in love with her most be crazy not to love her cause that girl the friend i am talking about is really worth it

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3 Responses Apr 13, 2010

thx i really meant it

That really sweet, Xx <3

its chick not cick