I Am Not That Bad

I am not perfect and not good but also I'm not that bad if they see me with a different eyes.
I was a social worker when I met a person, older to me, engaged in the same field who always want to see a change in people's attitude according to his way. He always could find fault with anyone and would try to correct them, if not he was a good guy.
Things got worsen when I was assigned to work with him and he owns the organization. He would not find fault only in works but also my personal lifestyle.
I use to document the works of all coworkers and draft the final report and I am pretty good at writing. But every time he would want to change some part or include something that is never being ask to report. When I try to explain what to report he would find fault with the higher-ups and would force me top put it up for him. The higher-ups would then pour in with dozens of questions for me to explain.
I was never good at speaking in front of even a small crowd yet would force me to speak and then give feedback.
I was going through a real hard time when he started finding fault with my lifestyle. The nagging to stop doing things that I like to do and have been doing for years.
When I couldn't take it I told to quit but he wouldn't let me by explaining that it's not easy to find a person replace my position.
But finally I quit and what a relieve it is.
eljhard eljhard
26-30, M
Jul 28, 2010