The Sexy Girls I Get Attracted To ... And It Is Universal ... Another Guy

I'm a Heterosexual Guy. And just another Guy. The Universal Brain Structure for Males is not the Brain Structure for Females. It's Polarities that probably helps for opposite attractions, but this set up also annoys me.  What I See and Find Attractive in Sexy Girls, they are not having or being in the opposite polarity mood to find me Attracted to them and being able to finding this as a Mutual Attraction. Lately the Competition (Having other Guys in their lives ahead of me) and Social Structure or (Being in bad health at the time) ... has made woman to put a barrier in that mood situation and also do not have my empathy to: ... See how I'm seeing them with my own Eyes and my Own Feelings being aroused for them. In another matter it is trying to find those same desires and feelings and have the intimacy and have them shared and experienced for that healthy enjoyment of connecting with that missing connection about our Solipsism (We each have) half selves in this world. Being a Sexed Person is to connect with that separative other that fulfills our other half with an Aesthetic Passion of Life's expression and trying to get into the Eyes of another and hoping the Mutual Experience is one to be heighten and enjoyed.  Not feeling offended or have been abused. I myself wouldn't want that on any Female I am Attracted to.

I hate being in the Stereotype that if there has been competition and abuse by others, that I am nothing more than like just as the others. Not being able to see from and through my eyes is a disappointment for me.  I wish a lot of these girls did. Or could had given me confirmation that they did. I have seen this world has put this curse on my life. I have tried to find improvements and the oppositions have made my outlook lesser and lesser appealing, instead of achieving a better me.

I have my teeth getting lost. I like the Weather Different, Not Employed and Professional, I've struggled to show Confidence.  I have waited. My Health is getting worse, instead of better. And getting older. Liking Science (The Most) is not a Female's Polarity to being attracted to Guys for some reason. (I can't understand? But have seen it be so.)

And it Annoys me how this Life has tried to Ostracize this Intimacy in my life, because the other Polarities of Life, is the Bad Sides of Life, that I feel better being to myself, instead of being with another person.  And the Bad Sides of Life's Polarities isn't my Life's Genre and Likes creating more un-mutual compatibilities and understanding about the athletic and aesthetic architectural Tantric Life Experience.  As wishing any female saw through my eyes, they would love themselves and that there would be this Mutualness with me on this, instead of thinking there will be this feeling of abuse at all from me. (This was hard for me to write.)
ChakraSolipsismMGP ChakraSolipsismMGP
56-60, M
Oct 30, 2010