Through The Eys Of Another!

If you could see through the eyes of another you might be surprised. No one ever knows the level of another persons pain or happiness. Words are not always sufficient to relay the truth behind another's eyes.  We cannot understand what drives a person till we live through them. Are they angry because they are mean or is there more to the story. Is the super happy bubbly person that way naturally or is it a choice they make everyday. Does the hugged want a hug more than they want to give it. Why are all these people behaving as they do?

One day through another's eyes would grant us so much more understanding. It could go a long distance in eliminating discrimination and hatred. It could be the hand of peace that so many desire? 

Can you imagine waking one day and seeing the world completely differently? The joys the pains the confusion and the indifference. What would you learn, could it make you more aware, could it cause you to become angry, give you compassion. Would you appreciate the world through your eyes more or would it make you jealous? We can never know but it is something very interesting to ponder. 

The mom who steals to feed her kids, the man who makes the decision to drive home after hanging with his friends in the bar. The woman serving the worlds needy in a country not her own. The child who lost both parents and is now alone in the world. The millionaire who makes decisions about people's lives everyday. The police officer engaged in the pursuit of a criminal. All of these are something different from our own and something we will never be or see.
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I think it is amazing how I came across your story which is so well written by the way. Today at work on my lunch hour I had a conversation with a lady about how people treat one another. I work in retail and people are so self absorbed and so rude to others sometimes. Anyway, I commented to her that if people could wake up one day and be in the life of someone else and see what they have 'on their plate' people would surely have more compassion for one another. This goes along with your story in so many ways. <br />
You hit my point that I made to my co-worker today right on the head when you said, " No one ever knows the level of another persons pain or happiness." This is so true. If we could only experience the pain or joy of another person how would that change our outlook on our fellow human beings? Must we keep on living in our own 'stuff' so guarded that we fail to understand that the person passing us on the sidewalk, or sitting next to us in an intersection is the same as us? They, as we have things that concern them, hurt them, please them and annoy them. We are the same in so many basic ways. What would it hurt to be quiet and listen to someone elses 'stuff'? I did that today and what my co-worker told me shocked me to the core of my soul.<br />
She told me about her daughter. They had a falling out ten years ago and they have not spoken in some time. Her daughter moved to Germany with her husband who was in the military and while living there she got pregnant. She had a daughter. After a year she moved back home and called her mom and appologized for how she treated her and for telling her she hated her and hoped she would never see her again before she boarded the plane. Well, she ended up divorcing and meeting another man down the road and marrying him. The mother right off the bat didn't like this man and made it clear to her daughter she would not try to like him. The daughter once again told her mother that she hated her and if she didn't accept the man she married then that was it for their relationship it would be over. A little down the road the man she married ended up raping the little girl, (she was then ten years old) Today this man is in prison for this crime. My co-worker said when he got out she was gonna 'find him' and kill him. She explained how she could think of nothing else but seeing him on the road walking while she was driving and "loosing control" of her car and killing him. As I stood listening to her, I was shocked that this woman I had known for eight months had this on her plate. I would have never had a clue. Yet I do now. I have compassion for her. I understand her better and I know how to pray for her now.<br />
I asked myself over and over what would it be like to be in her mind for one day, let alone just an hour. I have a granddaughter also and I can't imagine being in this grandmothers mind. How is it that each and every day goes by and I think I have a hard life? No. I don't have a hard life! I do have a life though and I can make something of the time I have and realize that people are people! We all have our pain, our joy, our hurts and our shortcomings. We have our strengths also! How many are hidden because we don't take the time to listen or to care what our sisters and brothers are going through? It is important for me today to learn this lesson because I plan on finding out a lot more about the people I am with every day. Why would I care? Because I am a caring person, I love people and I realize I am not the only one with baggage. <br />
Thank you for sharing your story.

Wow what an amazing story. It touches me and proves my point we just never know. Asi read what you wrote about that grandma wanting to kill the man it's easy to think oh she's just angry or wow that's crazy but we cannot know what she's sufferings till we live it. Thank you for your words they touched me. I'm glad you found this story and shared.

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