Taken Advantage Single Mother

I am building my home.  The Contractor and I got together to talk about what I wanted my new home built.  We came to an reasonable agreement.
I picked everything to ceiling fans, where the switch lights are going to be, colors for the rooms, lights, everything.  He told me he was going to build built in selves for my books, and for the rooms for my children built in storage boxes our beds with draws, a sitting by the window for reading.

Well, he did nothing of what we had agreed on.  The shower heads, were of plastic, the ceiling fans with no lights, I had to change the colors because he did not even did that.  Nothing built in.  The bathrooms tiles white nothing what we had talked about.  He changed the cabinets style.  The only thing he got right was the granite of the kitchen but the bar just straight no curve at the end like we had agreed on.  

He said he will build the built in and bed so I won't have to buy to much furniture.  Well it turns out I have to buy everything now.  
I confronted him, not in a mean way just asked what had happen and he said in a mean way, if I want it that way I will have to pay him more.  I told him he should of told me that in the beginning.  He told me it was included in the house.  He even got mad with the painter because I told him to change the colors to what we had agreed on.  Even the tile of the floor he did not do.  I am so upset I don't know what to do.  

He install a Jacuzzi and it was not the one I had picked.  The one I picked cost 800.00  and the one he put cost 400.00.  He told me he was going to help me out and pay for half and to give him the other half 400.00.  I did trusting him.  I saw it and took pictures of it without him knowing.  I went to Home Depot and the one he installed was the one of 400.00 not the one I wanted.  So I actually paid for it.  

I asked him for receipts and he said sure, I don't have them with me but I'll bring them next time.  I told him to email them to me and to this day I have not seen not one receipt.

I can't believe someone will take advantage of a Single woman with children.  I wonder if I had a man would it had turned out different?
I don't know what to do?  Or if I can do something...........  
magicrose magicrose
May 29, 2012