I wouldn't want anyone to see the things I've seen...not the bad things, because I wouldn't wish those on anyone...and not the good things, becaue those experiences are mine, and if I chose to share them,  I'll share them only with those whom I care to, at a time of my own chosing.   Thus, I keep my identity as an individual, since as thinking beings, were are the sum of our experiences.

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I'd like to get me and my friends to such a tight circle that we would see the world around us with the same eyes. Now that would be experiencing and building our bonds between even stronger. Trust, friendship, happiness --- all the things that matters would follow this great ability.<br />
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Not seeing the good or bad things but seeing the same.<br />
Only that matters. We. The individuals. Together. As a group; even more than that.<br />
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Id like to be in a great relationship where we all understand exactly what others are trying to tell us. We feel, hear, see same way. Respect, understanding and co-operation would raise to new heights. Cool.. I kinda like this site.. makes my mind to work better.

Clearly you are an intensely private person who is guarded about sharing. You interpreted this " I Wish you could see through my eyes" differently than I do. For me, it means that each of us feels isolated and alone, misunderstood and sometimes silenced, from time to time. It's as though none of us is speaking the same language, none of us is hurting the same way, listening to the same channel, etc. That's alienation. At those times, you just wish someone could see what you are seeing, feel what you are feeling, understand totally the experience you are having, right here, right now. We are hurt by misrepresentations others have made about our actions, our beliefs, and our intentions. That is lack of understanding and the passing of judgement by others. It happens to all of us, and it wouldn't if we could see through each other's eyes.