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life through my eyes, gosh some people would be shocked as heck!! but i always wonder what its like to view the world through other peopls eyes too. i think it would be great, from a different perspective, i am pretty small, and when my friends pick me up, which the often do, i find everything looks different from their height. :P

ForeverAutumn ForeverAutumn 18-21, F 21 Responses Nov 13, 2008

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i love coupling. my friend introduced it to me. i was gona tell you about the "giggle loop" i know i always wondered why it wasnt on tv. i have all the series too. :D<br />
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no i didnt offend anyone i dont think. the people in immediate contact with us could see we werent laughing at anything in particular. yes short prayers are best. or when they make you say them with them.

Certainly. I own the whole lot on DVD. There was a thing about funerals in that too. Didn't think you'd have watched it though because it was from quite a few years back. One of my favourite writers. Wrote a brilliant series called Press Gang a very long time ago, which was a teen TV programme I loved.<br />
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Hmm. I hope you didn't offend anyone in the church. I'm sure they would have known you didn't mean any harm. I personally prefer quite short prayers because they are easiest to stay focused on.

yes very odd. i was in church today, with my best friend. and guess wot. we could not stop laughing. not for a moment i had to try and suffocate myself to stop from laughing. she fell on the floor at one point and her sister was messing about too. the guy in front of me had winked at me and sed my last name, i was wondering where i knew him from. my best friend kept telling me she hated the girl in front. oh endless fun. <br />
always the loudest laughs happen when praying. its so irritating when a funny thought comes in to ur head and u just cant get rid of it. *sigh*. its like, have u ever heard of a tv show called coupling?

That's hilarious ForeverAutumn! I'm thinking funerals... Not happy occasions, but then I guess our feelings would take over then, not a matter of having to *be* solemn. Then again I've been to funerals where there are people who don't seem to have noticed in the slightest that a life has ended. Very odd.

yea i know what you mean. i was in London recently and went in to a small café, it immediately felt too reserved for my liking and so i left and went to subway. :D. well thirty isnt old! dont fool me with this nonsense. <br />
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i felt very old the other day, i was working out how old i'd be when the boy i baby sit turns 18. i shall be 30! that was depressing. <br />
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but still. it doesnt matter how old you are, its about how old you feel. i still feel about 12 years old sometimes. :D. and at a drinks party i was working at last night no one would believe i was old enough to serve alcohol. they thought i was about 14. so yes. <br />
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i hate having to be solemn, i can never do it well. i usually just end up looking like i am taking the mick.

Me? I'm over thirty years young! Some places are just a bit stuffy, though, you know; it's like you have to be solemn and reserved, which is ok most of the time, but I'll find I leave and go somewhere else if my mood isn't right for a place :)

haha but who cares. you're only young once but you can be immature for life! if you're having fun you shouldn't have to quieten down because of those around you, unless you are swearing ... etc. :D. you're not that old are you?!?! i always laugh out loud when something is funny, to let my friends know i think they are funny. its only polite :P. <br />
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me and my friends were sat in a bus shelter on Friday being very loud and singing and what not, and a police woman came over and had a little chat with us. i had had 3 red bulls and a relentless and i made a point of showing her that it was relentless and not beer. she was a nice lady. but because i was hyper i couldn't stop laughing at every single thing and i sat on the bench giggling and i think she thought i was drunk.

Happily youth is on your side :) I naturally laugh out loud if I find something funny and have to be a bit quiet if at a restaurant or something sometimes!

yea. we seem to randomly start people watching aswell it doesn't matter where we are. but we just have to watch our volume, when we get excited we shout but then people hear what we think they are like. lol

Sounds hilarious - and very creative :)

I do love writing. I started writing a book but then, due to a short attention span that comes with being as immature as I am I didn't finish it. <br />
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When my friends and I people watch we give them names and jobs and discuss what their lives might be like. :D Always good for a giggle.

I am wondering if you are both writers. Observing other humans is a natural pastime for writers, not in a nasty way at all :)

ye though i try not to. apparently people worry wen i accidentally stare... lol. i love people watching in town while in a restaurant, or such like, thinking about other people wondering what their lives are like. i like to watch people walking it tells a lot about their personality. i also like to watch people write. there is a girl with particularly nice writing but she caught me watching her the other day now she evils me all lesson and i am a little worried for my safety. :P

have you ever staired at a person while they were talking and just thouught they are a whole complete other person who has thoughts and feeling similar and different to yours..or simply just watched someone write ...the styal they write on paper is so intresting how they are a whole other person who does not think like you..

I think you have to become friends with a person; maybe first become a fan and then they can add you to their circle. Never properly figured out security settings here anyway.

oh no! how do i unlock my profile?

Will do - through spotting your comments on shared groups. Profile locked so can't go directly to your stories :(

u should!! i have quite a lot lol :D have fun

Witty! Think I'll enjoy reading your views :)

haha. yea i love reading stories of situations, then wondering how i would have seen it from way down here. :P

Mmm. Interesting interpretation :) I think EP's generally a really good place to see things through the eyes of others, especially when they write really well!