I am intense with nearly everything I do. 

I tend to be “all or nothing” with so many things. I don’t know if this is a good thing or not sometimes!

It’s good because it’s nice to live in a world where everything is amazingly huge and exciting. *Wheeeee!!* It’s bad because it’s not normal!

Everything feels intense to me. Sights sounds and smells seem magnified to me. I hear really well, I smell things so strongly, and when I taste something, I can tell nearly all of the ingredients in it because all the flavors are all so intense. I also feel cold so strongly too. I never knew that most people weren’t the same way, I always assumed that everyone felt things as deeply as I did. I now know that many people don’t though.

I also love deeply. With my whole heart. I have to guard my heart because when it breaks, it breaks hard!

I can love to the point of not caring about if it‘s right or wrong.

If I love, then it’s all the way through to the center of my heart. If I hate though, it’s with an intensity that is unmet by almost anything! (watch out enemies!) Sadness feels so intense to me too….when I’m sad I feel like I’m going to die.

Maybe one of the best things about feeling intensely is that I tend to see the big picture easily. One simple glace tells me all I need to know.

I wonder..... why am I’m this way?


stormynightsky stormynightsky
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3 Responses Feb 27, 2009

Yeah, and i guess its the way people, who have never seen this view, will see it for the first time.

Through a mirror....funny you'd say that. I like to take pictures of things, and "mirror" them on the computer. <br />
<br />
It's a wierd perspective huh?<br />
<br />

You know, i love people like that, i too like to feel and smell and taste alot... i also like to see things in new way, like i have never done before :)<br />
<br />
A little funny trick for you to do... look at your home through the mirror :P