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Walk With Me....

My childhood was normal.... G.I.Joe, Transformers, Hell yeah, I had a good one...

As a teenager, we get an assumption of the world is and then we really find out what's going on once we are in it....

I started taking drugs at 17 because for one, peer pressure, and two, I saw my dad do it. Can it be that bad? Two years later, I can't say I learned a lesson, but I grew up and just stopped taking them. The victim from all that was my loss of friends... They had all went to college and were becoming accountants and teachers while I had just woken up out of a drug filled dream.... Strike one!

So I cleaned up, became me again... Then the love bug struck! She fell from the heavens... An angel from the moment I saw her.... We dated for 3 years and decided to get married.... She was honestly my soul mate.... And when things got bad... relationship and health wise... She bailed! No working on us or being there for me! She put herself first... I was alone and nowhere to turn... I took everything I had...pills, this, that, I wanted to die...Strike two!

It has been years since all that but I am still reminded of all that.... I have changed and have a new meaning to life..... My ex wife still in my life, because we have a daughter, still calls me names and refers to me as "her baby daddy". I don't even get a name....Live your life, let me live mine.... Strike three? Nope.......

I have been around this earth many times and have learned many lessons. Some right, some wrong.... Walk with me.... And you will se the real me, the me that yearns for contentment.


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I would love to walk with you!<br />
<br />
We all have our hurts and mistakes...I did that take all the pills thing too...I was trying to kill myself. My husband got me to the ER just in time....<br />
<br />
I think you should be proud of this. You have been through much. And it speaks highly of who you are that you can take responisbility for who you were and who you are becoming. You intrigue me...