Hidden # 2

Hidden behind my smile and happy eyes there's really a girl who wants to scream out and cry. i cant say her name but she's not to blame as the sun goes up my sprit goes down my heart is always with a frown im hidden behind a door with no way out so i bang on the door and scream and shout my soul is screaming for you to let me out i want you to know mean not try and change me i want to be me and no body else see im a bad child young stupid and wild so think accomplish anything while my sides burn down from haterted, dissapointment, saddness and something we can not fix the inside of me is hidden behind a breck wall no body can see
iDry iDry
22-25, F
1 Response Jan 3, 2012

I know this will not really comfort you but it is great to read how rich your inner life is.