To My Love. To My Only. To Him.

There are two things in this world that i can not stand to be called. they are: A liar and a theif.

The first question people ask me when i tell them that is, "why are you not a cheater?" My answer.  "I've cheated on school tests. I've never cheated on a boyfriend, nor have I cheated at much else. Just school tests."

i have someone now that I love. someone that i really care for. i tell him that  love him.  i mean it. In all honesty, i mean it. Sometimes he doesn't say it back... but.. I'm fine with that. I'd rather him not say it, if he didn't mean it. I'd rather have a "one sided relationship, than nothing at all. BUT i know he cares. He tells me. I trust him.

there was one thing that he said that bugged me, i guess I could say. It being, "if my mother dies, I can't go on. I'd rather die before her... because I can't life without her."

I understand where he's coming from. I feel the same way about my parents. It would be so hard to get over it. To come out of it sane.  Then I say," I want to be there for you, if and when., something happens. I love you.. What do you think I'd do if I lost you?"

To which he says,"You'd move on."

No. I don't think you understood what I told you babe. I wouldn't move on. Remember when I told you that I had given up on trying to have any knod of relationship with anyone? I ment that. I am still shocked that you have anything to do with me. I thought that I was to forever be alone. In all honesty I thought that. BUT then you came along.

Baby, I love you. Please don't assume me a liar. and Don't let me be a thief. But let me be your hide away. Let you. Let me be with you. I can't see me with anyone else. In all honesty.

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18-21, F
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A beautiful, loving letter...