Victoria Day

Yesterday was Victoria day in Canada, a long weekend and day off for the workers.

It was a long day in my end.  We went to my parents to help them with a few things.  We had a good day in all except for an incidence.  When we were about to have dinner, backyards neighbours, got into a fight, when all the neighbours got out of their houses and were looking at these two going at it.  Punching, sticks were involved, bad words, etc.  The firemens came, then a few minutes later the cops showed up as well.  I know one of them was drunk since I saw him drink before and after the incidence occured.  Apart from this incidence, our day was good.  We got back home later in the evening.  Then we got some friends over, we had a few drinks + had the fire in the backyard.  We went to bed in the early hours.  Today, I think were all tired.  Yesterday, the weather was gorgeous.  Today, the weather is warm, grey /cloudy and rain.

Happy Victoria Day / weekend
Whateverrrrr Whateverrrrr
36-40, F
May 22, 2012