Remembering Why

I was very young, probably 10 I would guess, when I learned that Christmas and the holidays were not near as much about getting as giving.
My stepfather, bless his heart, was and is a workaholic. Every holiday was just another day for him, but he always wanted it to be good for us.
That year, as it is in construction, the winter was slow for work. Money was tight and at Christmas, he was working on a drywall job. The contractor didn't care . The job had to be finished to a certain point before he could get the next part of his bank loan. Dad supplied the materials, as per his bid, and had to spend the gift money on taping mud. (Drywall joint compound)
I already knew the meaning of hard work, trust me, but on Christmas morning when my sister and I awoke early only to find Dad already gone and nothing under the tree, I realized that I should be there with him. My mom was crying and it broke my heart.

To this day, gifts mean very little to me. Oh, I appreciate them to an extent, but being with my family and them all smiling is what I pray for. That is the greatest gift I have recieved.
CAnnesdad CAnnesdad
41-45, M
Dec 14, 2012