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To All My Most Cherished Ep Friends

Hello everyone!

As most of you already know, I personally do not celebrate the holidays (religious reasons for those of you who don't know). However, that having been said, I know that the majority of you do! Therefore, I wanted to take a moment to share a thought and a wish with all of you.

First the thought: Getting to know all of you has truly been a blessing for me, you warm my heart and make me smile everyday. I am so very fond of and appreciate each and every one of you. Thank you for the gift you give me of being my friends.

Now the wish: I hope, no matter what you are doing and whom you are doing it with, that this "season" proves to be one filled with warmth, comfort, love, peace and good cheer.

I can't wait to hear all about the things everyone did/does. In that vein, please enjoy this little video I'm including (hopefully it works, haha).

All my love,

Hongruilin Hongruilin 31-35, F 13 Responses Dec 20, 2012

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Thank you for your are a blessing! And Yayy!! I love this song!

You are most welcome my dear tiger. And for the record? It's I who feels blessed to have your friendship. You are one of the very best ones, and I hope that we're friends for many many MANY years to come.

Lub ya!

*huggles tightly*

*blushes hardcore...hugs you back*
Yes...many many MANY!!!!


Very sweet of you. You have a nice....ummm....Wednesday too. LOL

*laughing* ... thanks DM. :-)

Thank you for the warm loving wishes. I have spent the day with the family celebrating multiple December birthdays, mostly just a good excuse to get together. Simple foods, good beer and great conversations. I wanted to post a picture of my feelings of holiday greetings but can't so here is a link<br />
<a href="" target="ep_blank">EP Link</a>

Aww, it tells me that page is missing a heart. :-(
It sounds like you've had an enjoyable day, food, beer and conversation, what more could one ask for?

That is strange. I pasted that link into a browser window and it works great. Must be an EP thing.

It seems to be working now. Silly EP, you never know when it's going to have some random glitch. :-)

One of my end of year traditions is to look back on the ending year and take stock. As I do this, you, and so many of the amazing friends I have made here will be ranking high on the list of things I'm thankful for. It has been a privilege and a joy to get to know you. You rock.
Thank you for your wishes, and I hope you have a wonderful holiday. Thank you for being the wonderfully generous, kind, fun, lively woman that you are.

*huggles diablesse tightly*

Thank you, for being all of those same things and more.

The end of the year, no matter our faiths or traditions, is a good time for reflection and contemplation. I find that's what I'm current, doing as well and I also find that those special people I've had the pleasure of meeting and becoming friends with here on Ep rank fairly high on those things for which I am eternally thankful.

I do love your huggles and I've missed them. Thank you

You're more then welcome!

Thank you Hong for your well wishes. It's been certainly a blessing meeting you this year. I had thought it was your birthday that you didn't celebrate, so thanks for clarifying. I hope you will find cheer every day of the year!
*365.25 huggles*

I don't celebrate either of them, but I did get two birthday presents recently. :-)

I also feel equally blessed to have met you. Thank you for your kindness and friendship.

Lub ya!!

*enjoys all those huggles and tries to squeeze out a few more*

Hey, you were supposed to bank them and use one for each day of the year, but hey, it's your call.


I know, but in greedy, and needy today. Lol

Alright, here's 365.25 kisses to go with them.


Yay!!! Thank you.

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Happy holidays! Thank you for your kind words! Big huggles to you!! Also great choice in video selections. Zooey is a celebrity crush of mine. :-D

Who doesn't have a crush on her??? Lol.

You are most welcome my friend. :-)

*laughing* my wife doesn't care much for her!

or, who doesn't WR have a crush on ;)

*laughing at both responses*

Why doesn't your wife care for her WR?

She thinks she tries too hard. :-D

Dude I'm not that easy! Well maybe...

I don't think she really tries, I honestly think that's just who she is.

And I'm laughing at your "well maybe ... "

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Thank you Hon for your kind wishes. I hope this year will finish on a joyful note and that the new year will bring you many inspired words and a heap of huggles xxx

Merci beaucoup mon ami. I'm still wishing on every eyelash for you. ;-)

Enjoy your holidays!! Much love!!

*hugglea you tightly*

Beautiful Hon ! Lol
The holidays for me are purely about family and friends ( not religion for me )
I hope you have a wonderful fun filled time and a Happy New Year !
We will be at our favourite hut for New Year .. Just the way I like it !
No strangers to kiss ! Lololol


I'd probably want to avoid kissing some strangers as well!! Though there are certain ones .... hehe .. ;-)

We do a great many things with friends and family this time of year as well, everyone has the time off and it's fun to get together.

I hope you have tons of fun at your favourite hut.


thank you :). Wish you happy, uhh. days?, lol. although I dont know if counted as a "cherished ep freind", but regardless. I hope the coming days are good for you anyway :).

You most certainly count as a cherished friend! *hugs* And thank's for the "happy,uhh. days?" wishes, lol.

you welcome, lol. The "happy uhh days" are usally always the best, lol. *hugsback* :).

I know you'll be missed, but who knew Zooey could sing?

I did! She is really good - has even had her band at one point. I adore her ... and relate to her a little bit, lol.

Very classy.Very clever and cute....very "Hongruilin" of you,or is it,very "you" of Honngruilin? What I do know is, "you" will be missed.:(

*giggles* Thanks sweetie, and your response was extremely cute too!

HILARIOUS! love this:)

LOL. I'm glad! *hugs*

Very cute video! I'm gonna miss you while you're gone!!! Hope you have a great time though :-)

Thanks sweetie, I'll miss chatting with ya too! The trip should prove to be a lot of fun and long overdue. *hugs*