EP 2012 Video + Happy Holiday Wishes!

From the entire EP family, we want to wish you and yours a very Happy Holiday Season. EP Staff has much to be thankful for, particularly each and every one of our members who help make this site a positive and supportive space--unlike any other community on the web!

Whether you choose to spend the holidays with friends, relatives, or here with your EP family we hope that you're surrounded by loved ones and that you end 2012 with optimism about the adventures, new friendships and opportunities 2013 will bring.

Here's a look back at some of our favorite moments from 2012.  We hope you enjoy it.  Unfortunately, with such a large community we couldn't feature everyone within the video but we recognize that you and all you do to make EP a better place for your peers, through your thoughtful posts and kind interactions, are invaluable! 


EPArsineh EPArsineh
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103 Responses Dec 22, 2012

Great vid. Keep up the good work. It is appreciated here in Australia.

When it comes from the heart it truly is award winning
Technically it was just okay 4 me
But the content was awesome because it comes from the heart.

very happy about it. i wish ep many happy returns of the day. indeed ep is a different kind of social networking site. and epis maintaining its separate identy. we proud of u ep! go right ahead.

Happy New Year To Everyone!

Nice video.

Greetings; peace health. and prosperity too you and yours.

Thank u

thank you

I'd like to know more about 'Crane' and how it relates to EP.

Merry Christmas!..

Why is this site wishing me a happy holiday when I am not on holiday and in my country at least most people go on holiday during the summer?

In the US the Christian faith celebrates a holiday called 'Christmas', and the Jewish faith 'Hanukah'. Different cultures celebrate 'Kawanza' and so forth ... so in this way we (Americans) wish everyone 'Happy Holidays' since we don't know which holiday it is that you celebrate or on which day.

Fair enough,well in my country we call Christmas Christmas and our summer Holiday a holiday.

Thank you, Arsineh. A Merry Christmas to you and all EP Staff.

thank you and lets get it right MERRY CHRISTMAS and a HAPPY NEW YEAR thanks had to get it right for you

Thank you all, this has been instrumental in helping turn my life around. "Be Brave".

Happy Christmas and a pleasant New Year to EP :)

Merry Christmas!!! Happy New Year!!! Best wishes to all

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2013

this site is great... i love it so much... and THANKS FOR EVERYTHING

Thanks so much Arsineh :) I would like to wish all of our EP administration a most Merry Christmas and blessed New Year also. Thanks for giving us such a wonderful place in which to express ourselves and share with each other. I have been blessed with truly wonderful friends here and have made lifetime connections. Your unique format on Experience Project makes interaction so easy and great. I spend more time here than any other social website. So happy to have EP! I wish all a fantastic Christmas with your loved ones, family, friends and fur babies too! xoxoxoxoxo hapi :)

Merry Merry Christmas to you and of course Happy New Year!

Merry Christams to y'all!!!!!! Have a Happy New Year too!!!!!

Thanks for featuring me!!!

Thank you. Happy holidays!!

happy holidays to you too,, cheers..

I made the cover too! Thanks, now quite a few people can see my most beautiful attribute. [My son]

WooHoo!!! I made the cover of the video!!! I feel all special and stuff! Thank you for that! And thank you for having been a place of refuge during dark times and a place of merriment in good time. I've enjoyed every moment of the last 3 years I've been here :-)

I too cant wait to experience 2013..
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all !!

Thanks same to you project staff.

Wishing you the best :) love, Cynthia.

Wow! Very impressive video! Makes me proud to be part of it all!

Merry christmas and happy new year bs we expect alot than this in next year.

Unfortunately I can't watch it, because the GEMA forbids it for Germany. It contains music from UMG.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year@EP is the only the network I am really joining bc I don't feel alone!

Thank you and Merry Christmas

I wish Experience Project and all of his users a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. You guys helped me a lot to discover myself this year :)


thank you ep great site great and friendly people thank you and see youin 2013....

Cool video! EP really IS a wonderful place to call home. It is so cathartic to have a place where I can share openly without fear of repercussions, where I can be completely anonymous! EP has been instrumental in the HUGE changes that have occurred in my own life over the last 5 years, and things would certainly have turned out differently without EP, likely for the worse. I am happier now that I have been in the last 40 years... Thank you, EP!!

It's coo, I'll make it up there next year.

Merry Christmas ( or whatever holiday you observe ) Thanks for a great site.

Why wasn't I in that vid ?

and me

This place has gone to the dogs......woof woof !

You can add yourself to the video and I would like to be ur audience

Wow, this site has done so much for so many people. Love you guys,you rock!

Thanking Your Entire Team N Wishing You All The Same

Heh, excellent video, dears... I wish you all a wonderful Christmas, Epeeps and staff. ~(0.~.)0

una muy muy muy feliz navidad y año nuevo ....

To the staff of the greatest company in the whole galaxy you are a gift form god and I love you all I can be myself here meet bisexual friends and even met my boy friend jake you guys and girls saved my life by not making me depressed anymore and I found this site by accident but now I know it was the will of god who gave me the twentieth birthday present ever and that was my EP family I love you guys and can't wait to see how the site grows in 2013

To YOU and the rest of the staff at EP I hope you all have a safe and happy Holiday and come back next year with a bigger brighter EP family in 2013.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays guys!! Make it awesome!

Merry Christmas to all of yah!!!!!!

thanks alot and Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all the Staff of EP Family...

Merry Christmas to you and the rest of the crew at EP!!! ;-)

Thank you Epeep's StAfff!!!!...Happy holidays!!!.....Great video...very,very nice!!!....jb...

Nice! Happy Holidays! EP and friends here has been my therapist!

I am very happy I found this site! I always get friendly EP messages, too.

Happy holidays to all the wonderful staff of E P. (and if i may add...Arsineh in particular whom i love)

Happy Christmas To you (: EP Arsineh) all of your team members and all Epers around the globe

merry christmas everybody and thanks ep for a awesome year.

Love the video and song. There have been days since joining when EP was my reason for getting out of bed. People can be so narrow minded and insular. Everyone needs somewhere to go that values you as you are and usually makes you feel welcome. Some of my friends find this at a local bar others find it in religious fellowship. For me the place is EP. You cant please everyone all the time but when people are hateful or abusive I never hesitate to block them and just move on to the next one. You can always find someone who is open minded and reasonable and willing to share their experience with you. EP ROCKS!!!

What a fantastic video! Thanks EP; for all the laughs, friendships and good times you brought us all in 2012. I can't wait to discover what EP has up their collective sleeves for 2013.


So glad I gave up my bad relationship with Facebook for EP! Thanks for encouraging honesty and the best in human nature. I love that there is a place for everyone, except haters. There is so many groups, experiences to choose from. I am looking forward to EP 2013! Merry Christmas EP staff. Thanks for all your hard work and integrity. Happy New year...

EP is amazing! I can learn whatever and share whatever I want on here, with out fear of being judged.

me either....what's up in 2013 EP?

Thank you for all that you do Ep staff and volunteers. Using this website to share writing and being blessed to be able to interact with the incredible people I have "met" here, has been a huge source of strength to me during a difficult transition in my life.

Thank you.. yes.. I feel like I am having a home to run to ... it is a place filled with understanding and compassion... just what I need during these days. Thank you so much

Awesome video, and a great song with a catchy tune.... lol.. Have a Very Merry Christmas Everyone and wishing you nothing but the Best in the New Year!!!! '.'

EP is such a blast !!! thanks for sharing it with all of us .

Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year to all u wonderful people =)

Thank you, EP...happy holidays! I'm really grateful for the members that put together this great website. :-)

Merry Christmas and Happy New year to you and yours.

Have a great Christmas EP :)

Thanks to you EP for all you do for us Merry Christmas!!

I am proud and thankful to be a member of EP.

Thank you. Happy holiday, guys.

Well done! I love you guys. Thank you. When life was a struggle, and I was alone, you all were here, welcoming me in. Now when I am having a tough time, I come here, to my friends, and you guys are always here to welcome me home.

I LOVE EP!! Keep up the awesome work guys! :)) Happy Holidays!

Thanks for your efforts to have a helpful healthy site. Good on ya.

The same to all of you there @ the EP house.

Thanks EP!!! U GUYS ROCK!!! Have a metal Christmas ;)

Thank you Ep! You have opened up a whole new world for me. MY world. I am now free to be me. Thank you :)

Not one mention of the word CHRISTMAS in there, I wonder why?

Well Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to everyone that has communicated in some way with me since I joined (volunteered) EP. :-)

thanks a lot happy Christmas..

In the 6 months I've been here, I've made a lot of friends, a few enemies and learned a whole lot about things that I never understood or even heard about. I'm a real person with real feelings! I'm here for the friendship and the experiences, nothing else! . So, Arsineh, you're looking might fine, as usual - maybe we could go out for a few drinks tonight?

Oh, yeah, I'm an incorrigible, flirt! ;)

Thank you..Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!!

i am proud of being one of EP members

hi me would like to thank all you at ep and hope you have a very good christmas and a happy new year to all you that work at ep so thanks alott from baby glencoe2

Tearfully fantastic

Happy holidays

Yep. lovely video. Thanx