A Note On The Table

It was thursday evening my sister and home from school , there was a note on the table it was written by mom, that she ws gone in to the city shopping be gone a few hours dinner was in the fridge to cook for your father coming home , gas had to be installed , had to that and get the coal fire going we tried everything my sister and i all failed we were kids that was a adult job but we tried , dad was home and he was drunk nothing done was shouting at us we were scared , I run upstairs grabbed some warm coats for the cold and rain , heard screaming downstairs run down quickly it was my sister he ws beating her with a broom we run and run until we got to railway station waited for mom checked all the trains coming in she was not on any of them she left and was not coming back , she had enough would not blame her ,
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4 Responses Apr 30, 2012

No man should do that to his children.

you are right no man should do that to his kids

yes everything turned out ok, mom got a job and saved money and came back for us were all living with her in our own home just mom and kids , it was great

Wow. That is a tough story. Do you think everything turned out alright for you?

my father was an alcoholic.<br />
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i have a sense of what you have felt as a child. <br />
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