Is That Possessive When I Can Love People In Many Ways

I have loved my friends both male and female without a sexual cogitation... and I can say "this guy is cute and hot "

or "wow what a body! he has"

I mean I look at guys around the place ...

I could still love and make love to one man in the romantic and passionate sense

but I still love at other men.  its the nature of my beast... and I don't act on those eye candy

its just I do admire good looks or people for different reasons.

if a female friend of mine died I would cry and be upset, that does not make me gay etc

I think when I was a teen I swore I would wait for a guy like prince william.... god only knows what I was thinking back then at 14 or 15...??

what an idealist.. well I did wait but I don't think I was what he liked ... he didn't tell me anyway.  (but anyway how sweet is that thought to wait in this stupid twisted world?)

 I am still looking for my fish or whale or whatever....! its not like they knock at my door on friday or saturday evenings as I do stay in most times ... you have to get out there and  hunt prey down ...
czaristacrystals czaristacrystals
36-40, F
May 10, 2012