I Hope You Find What You're Looking For

As you journey on,
a face among a thousand souls,
a whisper in the thunderous skies,
a single tear in an ocean.

But a person, nonetheless
deserving to have their wishes fulfilled.
Many times we think of ourselves and how little we have and how its all going wrong, but what about that person who has less? Just think for a minute about what you have that you are glad to not be without, don't forget to send your blessings to those who are in need, a simple smile can brighten even the worst days.
The greatest gift we can possess is a heart of gold followed by wisdom. Sometimes the answer lies within rather than without, the path to self-discovery if often done alone and thus seldom do people travel along it. Its not surprising to see how many people just go along with the crowd or forget who they truly are, forever searching outside for the person they are within.
Is it money you want?
Is it the love of your life?
Is it a better job?
Is it a bigger house?
Is it more time?
Is that what you really, really want?

Or is it that you want abundance, where everything you have is enough?
Is it that you wish to find a way to love yourself as a whole, and not only just the traits which are "acceptable to society"?
Is it that you wish to find something fulfilling to do in your life, but are too scared to try?
Is it that your mind is so full of thoughts that you just don't have space to think and you wish for a peaceful mind where there is plenty of room to form ideas?
Is it that you spend too much time in the past and future that you forget to be present and wish you could lay the past to rest, leave the future to itself and be fully present?

Whatever the case may be, I wish you a fully satisfying journey ahead of you. I wish for you to see the magic of the days and nights, to hear the melodies of every song playing in the wind, to feel the warmth of the sun and the cool touch of the stars and moon, to smell the beautiful fragrance of every flower and to taste the bitter sweet essence of life.
Make a wish, dream a dream and find what is meant to be found. Live not in fantasies, rather make your wish come true by living your dream. My wish for you is for you to find what your heart desires most, but it is for you to decide whether you truly want to have it come true or not, because if you will it to happen with all your heart, soul and mind then it shall come to pass.
invisiblyreal invisiblyreal
18-21, F
May 20, 2012