Today...august 22...
you would have been 44 years old...
you was taken so young...
you are missed so much...
the world seems so empty without you ...
i miss you Steve...
so so much....

I miss you,
I miss the loud music coming
from your room,
I miss the warmth of knowing
You're just a call away,
I miss the way we fought and
I miss seeing your big bright
I miss getting kicked out of
your room,
I miss seeing you here and
I miss cooking you breakfast
lunch and dinner,
I miss hearing you come in
at night,
I miss making you wear your
seat belt,
I miss holding your hand to
I miss your smell,
I miss you with all my might,
I miss the way we would fight,
I miss my brother,
I miss my friend,
I miss you I love you and that's
expressomarkie expressomarkie
3 Responses Aug 22, 2014

**hugs** wish I could make it all better

Thank you blanche xx

Superman this is great... Lots of love... Thinking of you xxxx

Thank you my sweet... **hugs**

Great tribute Mark. sir...just getting dinner ready....speak very soon xx