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Waking Up...

... to reality, still sleepy, and numb, deeply broken, searching for your warmth and scent with my damaged senses... unable to find you as always. My amputated heart tries to remember in the midst of these nostalgic clouds who I am, for all identities are lost when the lights are off and all we can feel is a soaked pillow.

My breathing takes a slowlier pace, letting the tears flow easily, the salt entering the open wounds on my face. Suddenly I remember who I am. I am just a shadow waking up from my nightmare and looking to make our dream come true, I am Alice on the other side of the mirror, I am just a memory in someone's heart.

I am this only thanks to you my darling, my inspiration. These tears breaking my skin and falling in rivers mean I am still alive, still waiting for you. Forever.  
sweetmeisje sweetmeisje 26-30, F 13 Responses Jul 6, 2010

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mmmm having you back is still unreal x

hahaha, squeeze you back!!!!! XX

Mwah! X mmmm I just want to squeeze you! hahaha x

This is the blessings of loving friends, here for each other always :):):):) X

Thank you my dear... I have always been very lucky to have the best friends in the world around me, and even when I've lost many of my beloved ones, I am never alone.

Sweet, bless you for your compliment, and let me tell you that your soul is beautiful, who you are is someone incredibly strong and wonderful x

Thank you... I feel this way every night so it flowed easily and fast.

That is DEFF INTENSE!!!! Good work girlie!

Thank you my beautiful friend. It is the best compliment coming from a soul like yours x

Sweet, you have a really beautiful way of articulating what is going on in your heart. Bittersweet and beautiful X

Thank you Gr8white. It was a long night yesterday and I felt somehow inspired...

Thank you beautiful lady x

that's lovely sweetmeijse ... really heartfelt.