Trying To Smile About It...

Waking up to the anoying sound of the alarm clock,
reaching over to put my hand on your chest.
my hand falls to the bed... tears stream down my face,
Oh how bad I wish I could lay my head on your chest again,
feel your heart beat and know everything is okay.
I sit up in bed to grab the computer hoping to read a message from you.
He always knows what to say to help me through the hard times.
I resentfully crawl out of bed and drag my feet to the closet.
I get in the shower thinking, dreaming of what it will be like to have you home again.
My eyes light up every time my phone goes off.
Only to realize that, it's not you....

Trinsamazinmommy Trinsamazinmommy
18-21, F
3 Responses Jul 8, 2010

You're welcome Trinsamazinmommy! I'm glad to help cheer you up hun. :-)

Thank you Marinesweetheart! :)

When I look at your pictures and. I know you're so many miles away from me. I tend to get carried far away from you in my dreams it's so unfair that we can't be together right now. I cry and hug my pillows it's so hard and difficult but. I know that one day really soon you and. I will be together and it'll make me the happiest and most loved woman everyday for the rest of my life because. I'll be with you and you will be with me now and forever ok my handsome hot gorgeous and huggable hunk now and forever and ever. I can't even begin to imagine my life without you here with me now and forever ok babe. I kiss your pictures and it's not the same but that's all. I have to kiss and it tears me up inside but that's soon gotta change for the better right babe. I see other couples and. I picture you holding me in your arms holding and hugging me and kissing me. I see us doing that now in my dreams at night when. I sleep in my bedroom by myself now and forever with you in my dreams. I'll be your wife and the mom of our kids someday in the future but maybe not right now but. I know we will do fun stuff together really soon. HUGS and KISSES from me to you in my dreams at night.