*gentle Sigh*

You're my super sexy smart disco-dancin', Saturday-Night-Fever lovin' sissyman. Though no one else will understand any of that. It was our inside joke. 


I love you.

I miss you.

Sometimes I imagine you're near me. You'd always hug me...and grab my *** despite my yelling at you for it.

You always had a sad look in your eyes.

I used to find you completely exhausting. You'd ask me for advice....and I'd given it to you...the most sound advice I could muster!...and you always did exactly the opposite. Every time.

I used to spend hours lecturing you. (read: bitching at you)  I remember your soft laugh when I'd get really passionate about whatever it was I'd gone on a tirade about. 

Rest well, darling friend. We will meet again. 

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Aug 5, 2010